1   Eagerness and joy swelled up in   my heart,

     Although I knew very well, right from the start,

    That my good friend, Dr. Disappointment,

    Had with me an upcoming appointment.


5  Still I kept hoping, 

    That something so exciting doesn’t become disappointing.

     It was good while it lasted,

     But such disappointment left me disheartened!


      I know it’s a cliché,

10   But I really have to say,

      My heart was shattered into a million pieces, 

      And I broke down into tears for a million reasons,


      Why doesn’t life go my way,

      And like trees, I sway?

15   When the wind is ever so strong, 

      And everything in life seems to go wrong?


       Now when you glance by me in the streets, 

       Stalking and stomping on my feet,

       Don’t ask why the look of despondence, 

20   I’ll reply, life comes with many disappointments.


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