The first time I had to wash a cat fish, 
It slipped from my hand, I let it go.
Mother asked where her fish was, I told her it didn’t want to be eaten.
Later that day a soup was made with it,
I refused to eat.. She asked me why
I said, it didn’t want to be eaten.

Brother said the fish didn’t have a choice.
I asked him if he had a choice on being born,
He said no, but.. So I asked if he wanted to die now,
His answer was as silent as the fish in mama’s soup.

When Hannah left to find happiness elsewhere,
I was advised to chase, bring her back.
I said no, they said why?
I told them, she didn’t want to stay.

When a bottle of pami took father away
I watched them scurry around seeking cure.. but I knew,
They sent me running to the chief priest so I walked, because I knew.
When their solemn faces was set into a question
I told them I knew, they said what?
I said, he too didn’t want to stay.

Mother took me with her to the riverside.
She said it was where she found peace in just staring.
But I looked inside and realised staring couldn’t satisfy the thirst within me
I needed to be the river!

Later that night I saw my legs walking me to the riverside, 
So I knew.. And in case you might wonder what
The only answer I have for you is that it had found its Own freedom.

So when my body is found by dawn, i hope they know I knew
And when they wonder what I knew hope the wind tells them I said,
I too never wanted to stay!


Pami: palm wine, an alcoholic drink gotten from the sap of palm trees

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