Electric Faces

You are so beautiful, like the pink sky in summer.

I couldn’t resist your warmth, and all it uncovered.

The days grew longer and shorter, as we never talked.

Were you in love with another?

I wondered, As I always stared at the clock.

My thoughts had circled around, like a carousel.

We were so new together, but I had hoped it would’ve worked.

We could talk forever, and I heard that sudden bell. 

So I took a risk, and it hurt me the worst.

You pushed me aside, like a China Doll.

Sitting on that dusty shelf, all alone.

We still kind of talked, for better or worse.

I wanted to explain, but you were still so involved in your work.

You knew I’d be at work, but you didn’t care.

We practically saw each other, but to you I wasn’t there.

I still had hope, but it was useless and that’s true.

I lie awake at night, always thinking of you.

I saw the way you looked at me, like I was a stranger.

Even though we’ve talked for months, you put me on a coat hanger.

You put me on the line, and hung me out to dry. 

I wiped my tears, as I waved goodbye.

It’s Autumn now, as the days go by.

I was angry, and hell I was upset!

So much time wasted, and you never cared.

But I’m not sad, not anymore.

It was a mistake that I’m sure you enjoyed.

So there’s the door honey, I’ll let myself out.

It was nice meeting you again, without a shadow of a doubt.

Electric faces cross my path, as I make memories in my now.

Still wish you were here, but I guess I’ll just see you around.

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