©2021 Karen Moore


My ears are pink and so’s my nose,

I’m blushing now, down to my toes.

I’m sure that everybody knows…

I’m terribly embarrassed!


It’s odd for me to be this way,

I hardly know just what to say,

Perhaps it’s just a crazy day,

But I’m dreadfully embarrassed.


I may just have a touch of flu,

And some amnesia hit me too,

That could explain this great boo-boo,

Cause, I’m totally embarrassed.


I’d love to hide, and just save face,

Slip away from this disgrace,

To get me back to my old place

Before anyone would know.


I could put on a little act,

 Stand tall and calm, matter of fact,

And maybe we could make a pact

To let this whole thing go.


But here I am, at last at school,

Feeling like some kind of fool,

Because I’ve broken every rule

And here’s the reason why.


My clock rang out loud and strong,

I missed the bell, I missed the gong,

And once you’re late, the day goes wrong,

And I just had to fly!


I quickly hopped right out of bed,

And threw the covers off my head,

I got to school, and someone said,

“You’re still in your pajamas!”


Sure enough, instead of jeans,

I saw superhero L.L. Beans,

And just to make the scene complete,

Fuzzy slippers donned my feet.


I blushed as I heard music start,

And rose to do my special part,

With slippers on, I shared my heart

On Parent/Teacher Day!


My mom was so embarrassed!

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