Empowering Women: The Battle Cry That Rings in Every Women’s Heart

Governments can sit all day
in fancy offices and
world conferences,
make laws that help women
in paper.

But true equality will only be achieved
if they sit by us in our houses
and our cruel workplaces,
and watch us bear the beatings,
and accept words of hatred
while we keep our heads bowed.

We are the tides,
the mighty swelling of an ocean,
We will fight back for every inch of oppression.
Our power shall wash away all prejudices-
that pronounce us inferior,
that men chant as battle cries.

You cannot tame wild fires.
Strong fires glow redder
when the harsh wind thinks
it can blow out its colour.

Do we not look tough enough to
break your ego with our bare hands?
We shall tear down your oppressive minds and
our imprisoned respect shall soon be liberated.

We will dump your prejudice into the
gutters of your superiority,
that will run dry one day.

Remember men:
Our time is yet to come.
We will get educated,
we will empower our daughters
to be the leaders of tomorrow.
One day true justice will dawn upon us,

and we will remember the way
your eyes looked down upon us-
with anger, with disgust and hatred-
as past.
This is a dauntless warning:
if you do not treat us equal,
we will rise.
Women will rule the future.

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