The state executed four

men in eight

days, or one half

a man a day. Two

were done in

on the same night,

one at 8:06,

the other at 10:16.

One lurched sixteen

times before falling

still. The veins kept rolling

on the other. It took 40

sticks before one stuck

in his neck.

Witnesses from the two

families watched

not happy but relieved.

Together the two

men were guilty of four

crimes. One shot

and killed a 34-

year-old woman in 1996

The other denied, denied

but was found guilty

of raping

and murdering a twin

and mother of two

November 20,


In one case they found

the body two

weeks later. Also

in that case the death

sentence came two

years to the day

after the crime. The 8th

Circuit Court

denied an appeal

for a stay. The two-

drug protocol used

a sedative they sued

about. The slumped

bodies make four

including the victims.

So it’s even.


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