Eternal curse

We like to emphasize splendor, significance, reputation and fame
rather than modesty, contrition and true love.
We want to give one thing a relief that catches the eye,
to be particulary emphasized.
And if we have relief maps, we don’t know how to measure.
We wander and saunter at night.
At night without dreams.
We postpone forgiveness and omissions.
We are postponing our payment deadline,
we also want to have a discount while we are paying,
and we would like to do everything to make it cheaper.
And paradise is not bought but deserved.

If we return everything we took
and wish forgiveness of sins, mercy and forgiveness,
to be forgiven we will feel the same.
After the main flowering, the flowers will bloom once again.
And we will survive.
Like being born again

the revival of classical antiquity
or more precisely freedom
and the creative human spirit under the influence of classical literature,
of art and philosophy in the Renaissance.

We will renew our lives
and fix and change it for the better.
We will refresh and rejuvenate.
We will look at hummingbirds that have bigger brain

in relation to the body of other birds.
Heart too.
These birds can fly
in all directions, as they please!
They can live for a long time by feeding on
flower nectar and candied water.
We, like them, are small but a lot is expected of us.

Rejection and refusal,
as a musical repetition of the same tone, the
opposite is an echo.
Everything will resonate.

Rejection and refusal happen to us
like breaks in a circus that clowns fill with their jokes.
We avoid the eternal curse
because there is always hope for a corrective exam
and a place under the sun for us.
We can be dignified,
be those who
produce again,
which recreate.
We can multiply and experience

content to revive consciousness,

get a good voice again

for the person and respect, reputation and name.

It is never too late for natural things
to make us feel better.
It’s all in us
in our big hearts in the body of a small hummingbird.

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