Everyone Else Goes Home

Everyone Else Goes Home 


The mist does not fly by, it disapears slowly in the chronic glare of 

the sun’s gaze. 


Everything stands upside down in this room of broken mirrors. My feet are covered 


in splinters from the prickly edges of a crown. Do you know shards seep red liquid if you 


hold them tight enough? 


ohh i’m never letting gooooo


Blind girl singing in a room of broken mirrors 

                                              and the sound is lost with nothing 

to bounce off. My hand is lost with nothing to hang on. 


To/be lost at sea/is easy/these days


My parents burn roses and sprinkle them into the water – She lived well they say

The sun blends into the horizon. She’s in a better place they say 


A fish gulps a mouthful of ash/ The remainder of me melts into the waves


Everyone else turn their feet – towards home. 


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