My eyes wander aimlessly

as I took small, reluctant steps

to a place I was once familiar with,

a place where I found solace

and our unexpected romance

A breath of fresh air and anticipation 

came rushing through my veins

as I pictured your tall, masculine stature,

dark brown eyes that speak of tenderness,

your captivating gaze and heartwarming smile.

I laughed at my pain as soon as I realized

my heart’s desire won’t bring you back

I have been waiting, yet you never came 

Our love was not just enough

to rekindle the fading flames

I trudged as I turned to leave

hoping that you’d call my name

I found myself looking back

to a place where I thought I belong

A humble abode laden with vibrant hues

stood in the streak of daylight

Such warmth and comfort

bears a semblance of blooming lilacs

Anyone would wonder

around the life and memories it holds

But I knew the story

of two enamored youths 

who shared a moment in time,

a time of absolute bliss,

a time when you and I still mattered.

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