Female Genital Mutilation

Torture, torture of children,

done by women not by men.

Mutilate to control them

calling it circumcision.


Scream of fear, struggle in vain.

Three sorrows they slice and maim,

baby, girl to woman again

scarred tissue life of pain.


Kenya’s Kisi Kamba cut

Iraqi’s Kikuk Kurds Cut

Hold her down hand and foot

Razor sharp then stich her up


Man’s pleasure  infibulation

No female satisfaction

Pelvic pain bladder infection.

Birth by caesarian section.


Tradition followed by a few

They chant unclean ‘Ya Ghalfu. ‘

Stop the silence and taboo

mutilation unseen view.


Torture, torture of children

Done by women for the men

Resist the pressure and coercion

Stop calling this circumcision.

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