Talons of the Cain-spawned fluff the stolen foreskin
Where crimping monks splatter the dogma clotting in the sun
Rusted keys unlock the chambered cocks for suppliants
Who chomp the cracker, spit the scraps, and tongue the cannikin

Grasping for the nickel backed tree barn the lovelock dribbles
Query the lily pads atop the fragent swamp
Sunlight crystals tingle bare skin smiling in the ferns
Teeming pools gurgle and mist the fairy dust

The carcasses gather beneath the empty steeple, teeming
Rapt for the cannibals spewing the kink and pew
A crippled prodigal crashes the rave between the hymns
Toppling the skulls and scattering the breathless praise

The trolls won’t con the frogs or the bog-swept quicksilver
Spores buzz when the gusts swirl and snap the bark off Oaks
Weeping twirls the pixie girls who dizzy the boys in the fields
No clocks tick and tumors shrink and the bonds won’t break

Wrinkled fingers grind pebbles as the dry mouth mutters spite
Disrobed buttocks stuffed bloody as the bells chime, dismissed
The confessor gushes her sex crimes to the rapt celibate 
Fodder for the nighttime tug and gossip for the cloth boys

Puppies and colts and kittens and bunnies and babies all nibble the pine
Gumming ninjas riding balloons under blurry stars make nice
Tumbled blankets piled high won’t budge for the clowns with ties
Songbirds hide the spies still dancing a forgotten jive

The rock rubbles and gravels and powders and sands
As the meek and dusted clasp hands and drop to their knees
While the beggars prowl naves proffering guilt pangs
And the Inquisitor’s Ghost rocks his Judas Cradle

Barnacles cling to the sticky fruits still waiting for their Eves
Elf sweat splashes the leaves that mark the cheery paths
Dribbling still from Gaston’s faucet leaks the sacred oils
Strewn about and floating upon the forgotten masks of kings

The haggling window has slammed shut 
Buried prophets grapple with their coffin locks in graves
Creeping things munch ditched wisdom til their glands burst
And the teeming waters gather, churn and topple the thwarts

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