Florida Family

Key West left to party and toast the setting sun,

downplaying his famous friends so as not to bother them.


Fort Myers works the lab for far too many hours.

His inventions line the boulevards, swaying in the wind.


Jacksonville buddies up with her friends in other states,

outgoing and opinionated, but generally left alone.


Orlando likes to play in the bright midday sun.

If nobody shut him down, he’d be parading until dawn.


The Space Coast tells stories to capture the imagination,

yarns about distant lands and adventures yet to come.


Pensacola sneaks off to her bedroom to read,

the only girl with a boyfriend and plans to make it succeed.


Tampa is all business with his dignity riding high.

Find him with a cigar in his hand, with associates by his side.


Miami is a little sneaky, but wants to get it right,

hanging out with Cuban friends long into the night.


Ft. Lauderdale is likely gay, seen kissing other guys.

Searching and sampling until it’s time to settle down.


St. Pete is artistic with a flair for the audacious,

ready to speak up if anyone dares to cross her.


Tallahassee pretends to lead by getting out ahead

of wherever the others are going, claiming he was first.


The family looks to St. Augustine, the eldest son by far,

for wisdom and history, guidance and quaint direction.


Daytona is brash, best left to his own devices.

He’ll do what he wants anyway, so give him room to do it.


This family somehow hangs together, something for everyone.

They stand up for each other and face the world head on.

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