Forever Yours, Forever Mine

Forever is Us

Forever is You and I 

Forever is wherever we go

Forever is the distance when we do not see each other 

Forever is the love we have for each other 


I will always be indebted to you 

And how you stayed by me 

Even when we are miles away from each other 

Not a day goes by where you cross my mind 

You surely are one of a kind my friend 

Forever I will be plagued by your infectious kindness


Forever is infinity 

Our infinity 

The memories we spent together 

That make up our friendship

The times we laughed 

And talked about life,

Will live on till the end of time

Even farther since

Forever is everlasting


Forver is happiness 

From knowing the ways you Struggled

And Felt defeated 

To finding something or someone that makes you happy

And feel like life is beautiful


Forever is love

Forever our passions collide

Forever the warmth of your presence 

Will resonate with my heart and the hearts of the people you meet

Forever is when even if we are apart

Near or far

You will always be a star amongst others in the night sky my friend

Forever we roam the world

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