A common practice when exchanging goodbyes is to never accept a mournful, Pinocchio-nosed cry.

Instead, may your brain rot of hysterical egocentric infestation.

Grievous grudges, produced by the deepest, darkest corners of your self-respect, 

Leave repugnant maggots inside your brain, crawling in between the cracks of your mistakes.

Ensuring that a trusting, sane man beware.

Until death, where you become truly free of any nuisance tied, your pride shall not suffer.

After all, you were told suffering is for the weak, and the weak is the forgotten.

A world so devoid of innocence must show its flaws, and to expect them would be precautionary.

After all, you were told that human beings are purposefully evil, and that we should only expect the worst.

Oh, forgiveness, may we rest our sins on our deathbed.

Altogether, we will tuck the bed we made and let a perfect man judge us one day.

To get the chance to look up to the man above and say,

“Is it really sane to think this way?”

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