Give nature back

Foday Sillah 


Give nature back


Our lives are threatened 

Our minds are redden 

The world is cracking 

From our fragile hearts

And our paralytics’ bones 

We muffle but scuffle out voices 

But all with broken tunes

We tune all we heard are broken chords

The world is not a safer place anymore

If we had given of what we borrowed from her

Nature will not have struck back

With defected minds we have struck nature

We just reap from her all its bounties

To leave it empty, scanty 

When you don’t respect nature

You don’t respect the future 

If we would have left rivers to flow on it axis 

If we had control the use of toxic energy

If we would have left the savanna

To give us oxygen 

If we had avoid cutting down of trees

So bird can flutter and flatter 


Burning down of trees to get coal 

Is making the world feel so cold

The earth is morning its death

The death of its trees 

Its lake is rupture it need to be fitted

Its mountain is dented it need cemented  

The ozone layer depleted  

It needs t be fitted

With its vexation nature unleash its plagues 

Its crying flooded into flooding lashing up thing on its way 

Its grumbles rumbles with earthquake 

And opens it mouth gorges and gulps to get restate

The sea couldn’t endure the bumping 

And littering of garbage mound

Its inhabitants need to survive    

The seas scuffle with hurricane and tornado

Couple with whirling wind toasting up things on it tail 

to create space for its siblings

Dark sinister wind enhancing conflagration 

Crinkles up the trees to change nature’s saliva   

Man is awe with fear and anxiety

Bemused at nature at it best  

Because nature careless but unless

Its redress is being address

Give nature back 






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