Gone With The Waves


Glistening body of blue

Waves crashing on the shore

Tourists flock to the Caribbean

Governments make a dirty profit   

What is the cost of deception? 1


It is a small matter, they say

There is still plenty of time, they say

This is not a problem at all, they say


Those haunting words

Little do they know

How far their blindness can go

Ignorance or denial 

Both detrimental, brainwashing the minds of the world

The truth cannot be gainsaid


Destruction – causing so much damage to something that it 

no longer exists or cannot be repaired 2


Overfishing, pollution and global warming

All human activities

With dire consequences

Unbeknownst to the world


Our thoughtless actions

A fly in the ointment

Not only for us but for 

The world

Marine life is dying at a rapid speed

Marine ecosystems are collapsing

An important source of food



There will be a loss of jobs without the oceans

Livelihoods are at stake

Both yours and mine


The economy will choke

Tourism, fishing, transport sectors

Crumble to the ground


You brush it off, saying it does not affect you

Then, who does it really impact? 

Oh, how little do you know


70% of our oxygen supply 

Coming from aquatic plants in oceans

Slowly but surely depleting

Leaving us gasping for air

Like fish out of water


Without oceans;

Carbon dioxide levels rise

The carbon cycle will break down

Temperatures rise

Climate regulation comes to a standstill

It will only get hotter


Water supplies will grind to a halt

Chapped lips and a dry throat await us


Are these not valid causes for concern?

What more convincing do you need?


A mere 20 years they give us

Until it is too late

Our life’s work

For the loss of our ocean

Shamefully, wasted away

Leave it to the next generation, they say

There will be no more “next generation” 

Unless something is done


We do not deserve this

We deserve blissful and contented lives

Hovever, Impossible without action

This madness has to end


Hope is not lost

The oceans can be saved

A dark light can be seen at the end of the tunnel

Our futures are in our hands

The futures of subsequent generations lie with us

If any at all


Will they still be here?

Will future generations be able to:

Feel them?

See them?

Enjoy them?


Time will only tell

If the oceans will remain

As a glistening body of blue

What are you looking for?