Grief don’t keep hours

You are with me in every step I take
Each breath I inhale and exhale
At the break of a new dawn, in the solace hours under the twilight sky
I carry you in my soul, hold you in my heart
Bound by blood and DNA intertwined within the body and veins

No my dears, death and grief don’t keep hours
Sometimes there is no last hug
A kiss on the forehead, or even a goodbye
From six to only one, I have lost you all
I became an invalid in my pain, utterly lost in my darkness

Therefore, I cherish my gift of life, and those I love shall always know they are loved
Time does not heal, yet the willingness to accept and adapt helps
Talk about them, share memories
Stories bring them to live, here in this moment, if ever so briefly
A beautiful ode to those whom you dearly loved


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