Halcyon Fall

Through the beige isle, veins of green holler aloud
Lush foliages of maple, yet I pick upon a rosebud
Mists of sentiment brabble, springing whistles of reminiscing
From the floor, they call out to me, unrelenting
I kept at it, pacing across the vast meadow
Lights begin to dim, even so, I shall escape under the ghostly pearl’s comforting glow
Along the paths, I turned over, my gaze fixed on a lonely, yet luminous flower
Gasping for its life, each breath drew me closer, soon after, I saw it flicker
Taken aback, with these bare hands, I gave it my company
Following its swaying, we fell in halcyon harmony
The fickle daffodil bathed in silence, hapless, it let out a thud
Gently, sunlight veiled its charcoal petals, a light breeze blew, and I too shall return to mud

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