Heart Strings

Sorrow and pain

Doubt and shame

Love and trust

Hate and lust

The sight of them brings joy and happiness

Sightseeing causes sorrow and sadness

Ferocious and ugly

Blinded by the sight I see

Love or Lust? What could it be?

The light blinding me, not knowing where to turn

Gain or loss? Not knowing what I earned

Run and hide

Stand and shine

Speak the word

Hush up the bird

Heart burning with passion and fire

Fill the burn of hot and cold desire

The smiles of real and fake

The cries for pain and pleasure for my sake

Beauty and the beast

The words of wisdom soon deceased

Light and dark

Pleads for their remark

Unanswered questions along with mixed emotions

Insecurities floating in this love potion

Cowardly mouth

Courageous heart

Hate spread through glares of unspoken words

All you hear is the silence of that one bird

True feelings are never known by the one you love

Uncertainty and wonder

Loneliness sitting on a broken heart

No love, no pleasure

Nothing left but time to measure

Burning emotion

Sizzling cold heart

No other choice but to split apart

Wish and hoping

Praying and dreaming

That is all I have left of the one piece that at one time was whole

Living life, change, succeed in my goals

Now I need to start by putting my first piece of change in that toll

Listen to my heart

Feel it in my soul

Soon those pieces that I have will turn back to a whole

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