heavy like the earth

heavy like the earth

I took the outside within
too much of it
and the silt slowed me the silt
burdened me legs slow

the word ‘fatigue’ the word ‘fine’
the tests that took me down
the results that were nothing
the word ‘nothing’ the word ‘space’

how does skin hold silt and how
might it let it go?
how can skin open just enough
to release heaviness but not so much
that it bleeds?
how might I breathe out
so as to lighten my limbs
so as to brighten
in flight?

how to be porous and to know
what to filter what silts are salts
that make blood brighten & flow
that make strength & iron?

each pill a small piece of earth
and I swallow I swallow mineral
and mineral and salt my water
heart beating heavy & hard
so I might stand tall

how do I teach my body these things
when this body is so burdened?
how do I find brightness lightness
still pools of water?

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