Her name is Verumati




like all Creation,

your beauty is intended

for my delectation alone,

your undulating nakedness the ocean

on which I set sail my thirsting quest,

your silvery-fish-smooth, sandalwood-scented-breast

sanctuary for my weary rest,

your constancy my reward and

fulfilled desires my rapture

then, tell me, tell me Verumati,

why am I still wandering – Afraid!


There was a time

when I sculpted charms with your kisses,

planted poems on your lips, sonnets on your smiles

Where has the inspiration gone

Where have all the blossoms gone

A time

when I sang operas to your silences

scored symphonies to your serenity

Where have all the arias gone

Why has music disappeared

A time

when I could dance you to the Stars;

waltz you to Venus, Jupiter and Mars

With buxom senoritas clacking castanets at Patio-Sevillia

fandango to a frenzied fury on flamenco guitars

Tango to a trio of melancholic-bandoneons-moaning

in torrid-sleazy, cigar-choking, Buenos-Aires-Bars

Samba with wild-steel-bands and crazed-bongos on 

train-fleeting-up Sugar-Loaf-Mount, Rio-de-Janeiro, then, in Mexico City

sloshed on Tequila, Paso-doble-the-night-away to

a mob of toothy Mariachis topped in golden Sombreros

I could Jive you to the moon over a slippery blue lagoon

Tap-dance through the firmament in a hot-air balloon


Where, oh where, has all the frolicking gone

Why has romance disappeared

A time

when we giggled at the absurdities of life, savoured

the comedy that pervades the theatre of strife; able

to find humour in the worst of calamities, chuckled

like mountain-brooks carousing-mirthful with stream

Where has the sense of levity and laughter gone

A time

when upon my arrival home your mesmeric bhava

would erupt volcanic into eons of light sublime

Where have all the fireworks gone

A time

when I could bury my pain in your loins,

forget all the suffering in the world

Where has all the comfort and joy gone

A time

when the ‘little things’ in our domain,

the consummation of love, meant a lot;

their every need and play joyful employ

Where has all the joy of loving gone

Where has happiness flown

There was a time

when I worshipped at the shrine of your wisdom;

you taught me patience, kindness, acceptance

But it came at a price – The piper must be paid!

Where has all the compassion gone

Time was

when life was but a game of chance;

my every wish your command

Where has all the playfulness gone

All the longing, seeking, striving

All the loving and the living

Where are you, my Verumati

There is so much I need to tell you

And little time left

Only the emptiness where

no one can hurt us now

I miss you, Verumati

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