His Sky Pouring Acid Rain

The era in which he realized
He was pouring acid rain
He no longer knew the feeling of breathless air

As he sat by the lake,
And saw with his heart in his mind
The muse who destroyed
The learning rose
So he said no,
And no he still stayed

Hollowness surrounding him
As though itself was a chrysalis
The day before it had seemed surreal
To possess such an array of fires
Inside a sand of nothing but childish dreams

Such sadness that allures tragedies
And ruminates ubiquitous barbaric pain, tears
A dazed look in his fears
Inside, his own ceiling crumbled upon his head
To run far away from black locks of golden smears
In a circle of lullabies
Books that none could ever care to recognize as a being

As his violin could recall
Of the memories he lost long prior to remembering
A deceitful act had seemed to be such a blur
When in reality, had been no more than a purr
To bear wholly in mind that
For every tormented soul,
There’s an insurmountable amount of courage to soar
Gone through the night were the fear
Of drowning himself once more

-Incalculable Darkness-

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