The thing with fire
is not about the burning,
smoke or what’s left after it ends,
It’s how well you burn.
The way it doesn’t have to prove itself.
It’s more about texture & brightness
The degree at which you catch
yourself translating into
something larger than yourself,
Enough to consume you
but doesn’t, because there’ll always
be need for permission.
This activity is a little patient.
Constant giving;
It’s how you give yourself to the process.
Mild philanthropy. Tender— proactive.
Look, this is what it means to be a Lighthouse.
I am learning about risk management
& devotions.
There’s no such thing as borderline
Invention. In a different version of this,
I am the flame & at the same time, the house.
It doesn’t exactly matter.
It doesn’t make it less about psychology.
What good is the light if you won’t choose it?
But choice is a skill,
you make it with so much precision.
Quite making excuses, just get in the fire already.
Eventually, it’s how well you burn.

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