Home: Beyond, Above.

I cast my gaze Beyond,


Beyond the bubble of personal space

Beyond the walls that surround me

Beyond the concrete home that I live in

Beyond the weary families in the neighbourhood

Beyond the morose exhaustion of city life

Beyond the country divided by its people

Beyond the continent that struggles with global chaos

Beyond the world that sheds tears as it pulls itself together


I cast my gaze Above,


Above to the puffy clouds

Above to the freedom of the ether

Above to the beginning of outer space

Above to the moon and stars

Above to the majestic planets orbiting near ours

Above to the the biggest Star

Above to the Milky Way

Above to the Universe


And my eternal soul yearns deeply,


For the home where my soul began

For the home that is light years away from me

For the home that I know deep down

For the home that I have yet to see


In my eternal soul, I feel its existence tied to mine,

Even if I have yet to see,

The home of my eternal soul.

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