Home – first love

Fourteen years,

A war for love,

To hold and have,

This life to write of.


Those brown marbles,

Looking clueless,

He then looks up at me,

Yearning for cuddles.


I stare in awe,

Who has found her joy,

A hiraeth never thought she had,

She’s now home – to

This tiny little boy.


He’s cream disguised as caramel

A tiny little sunflower

This creation was god’s favourite

Is why the most loyal


the world will never know

the stories behind the smile –  i hide

only to be told to him

to whom for nights i’ve cried


a forbidden peace

is what he is

for i who’ve searched – my whole life

i’ll never give up this


he ruined my toys

that were memories of childhood

if that doesnt make me happy

what ever could?


they say they bark

and they dont smile

but have you seen the light in his face?

so fragile


the softest heart

the warmest being

wonder what he thinks of

for i who thinks he’s such a blessing


home isnt a place – but

a person

a person who makes it real

isnt necessarily a human

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