Home is Lost and Invaded

Home is more than just a place
It’s a feeling, a sense of grace

But when war breaks out and conflict comes
Home can become a lost, invaded tomb

The roofs that once felt safe and warm
Become a bomb target, a battle storm

Home’s windows, once bright and clear
Now shattered, by fear, anger, and tears

The walls that once stood strong and tall
All shell-apart, by bombs that fall

The furniture, once cherished, now in splinters
The memories, once dear, now left in tatters

The home is lost, the spirit’s invaded
Our hope, now so jaded

The rubble is cleared, our wounds are dressed
But scars remain, the pains confessed

We try to move on, to rebuild
But memories haunt, and hearts, grief-filled

To rebuild takes time, what has been destroyed, takes strength
But hope is there, it’s not at length

Slowly, bit by bit, the home is renewed
The spirit too, begins to be mended, glued

Though the scars will always tell a tale
Of how we will prevail, never to fail

But still, amidst the ruins and pain
A spark of hope remains, still aflame

A hope that one day, peace will reign
And home will be regained

For home is more than a broken piece of china
Home… is gaza

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