Hooked Onto Books

Reading is more than a hobby

Literature beyond literacy

Words are a part of life

Spoken or in print

Addicted to alphabets

and what they can conjure


I walk into a room

Notice shelves before people

Books waving ‘hello’

Thrilled to see an old friend

Given a choice

of reading people or books

No hesitation over which one to pick


My books are like family members

Cozy against the walls

Making themselves at home

Calling out as I peruse the stacks

Should I read historical fiction,

a thriller or horror today?

A memoir to gain some inspiration

Essays by a humorist for a bout of chuckles

Translated short stories

travelling from across the globe

Classic literature that has stood the test of time

Or contemporary writers making their mark

Spoilt for choice in this web of words


Always a book beside me

Traffic proffers much reading time

Kindle can be great on holidays –

 An assortment of books

without the additional weight

Audiobooks on a run –

Let the brain and body work out in tandem

Hardcovers stand proud in the bookstand –

Elegant and regal in catching the eye

Paperbacks are cheaper –

You save money to buy more books

There’s somehow always space

on overflowing bookshelves

Stacked high and wide

Bibliomania at its peak


Did you say you liked the movie?

I’d rather recommend the book it was based on

Oh, you play a sport?

There’s a wonderful biography

on this athlete

you absolutely must read

Is it true you’re interested in the piano?

I know a magical novel

written by a pianist turned author

Love gardening?

Have cats at home?

Trying to understand your phobias?

Or learn about the sleep cycle?

A book recommendation is always on hand

You never know

when someone might need books


A compulsion to read

A craving for stories

Books tell you so much

without saying a word

and yet brimming with words to be shared

The reader and writer as good friends

Settled over a cup of tea

Book and bookworm as one

What are you looking for?