In the lone city alleyways

The mood is dark and sombre

Groups of different beliefs

Fighting like each other is a thief


When they slowly retire

The aftermath shouldn’t be admired

The gruesome sight of blood

Flowing around like a flood


Heated arguments are the sound

People arguing round and round

There isn’t any sense of peace

The abuse and dispute’s never cease


The world is engulfed in conflict

Everyone is a dangerous convict

Making the earth slowly bend

Nearing its untimely end


Humanity is dividing apart

It is breaking people’s hearts

The world revolves around fights

Which really isn’t a pretty sight


As the world moves forward

Mankind also continues onward

To a world full of tranquility

Where people aren’t acting wickedly


Everyone is greatly respected

Everyone is also accepted

No matter which race

Or the style of their face


There isn’t any discrimination

No one can get depression

People have their own right

Bringing earth, a shining light


Humanity will be full of harmony

Everyone will live cheerfully

The world will be at last be free

Earth will be liberated to some degree


There is still a long way to go

However, the dark days seem long ago

While the future hovers on top of our globe

The human race should be filled with hope





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