How will I ever put the bits and pieces back together?

The shards, the fragments, and the particles that float.

The ache.

The yearning is my only rhythm.

I am no longer a daughter, I too float,

Navigating with an upward gaze in case I catch sight of you.

Where is your hand that held me down, grounded?

Your fingers, laced through mine, pulse to pulse.

I crave to hear my name leave your lips

A whisper, a shout, an echo, just once more to flood my soul.

The days pass and I anchor on with a rope tied firm to sorrow,

But there is no ocean bed to stop me drifting.

In the depths there is only silence

And my faithful sadness lingers,

It hangs, it sways and drags.

I am split, open like a wound.

Sombre grief seeps, soaks my thoughts.

A tiredness that makes my heart grow lonely.

Where is your face, the one before suffering was etched in all the lines?

Your skin, so soft, and that perfume

I smell it no more.

Darkness flickers and robs me of your presence,

No outline, I can’t see the shapes of you.

I am left wanting,

to be mothered and not left alone.

Who can I tell?

Will someone know what it’s like?

She’s gone. How?

She’s gone forever.

By, Silvia Bertozzi Georgiades

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