I am a woman

I’m a woman,
And who says
A woman is weak ?
It’s her choice
What she seeks ;
To fend them
Or let go off her priorities,
It’s her choice
To be a case of Charity.
I do feel it , do you??
You fight
You fight
You fight
You’re scarred
What’s the need to try so hard ?
Her single lie,
Will get you barred
A single tear,
Can shatter it all apart.
Her life can be so easy
Unlike urs ;
” Will you marry me ? “
” Yes of course ! “
Do you really feel she needs to work,
For her reputation in this society ?
She’s a “married woman”
And the queen of her home
Needs no ubiety.
All she needs is ,
To pleasure her husband
Ambitions,self respect,all nonsense
Let’s put them to an end .
And even if he drags her and throws her out
What’s there ,
To feel bad about?
Coz she to this world,
Is just a moron
Her ” self – respect “,
Is already gone.
No !
You need not pity
As I said before,
She’s a woman 
And it’s her choice,
To be a case of Charity.
Yes !
Her single tear can shatter it all
But still she wants to fight along .
Her life can definitely be easy
But maybe ,  
She does not wants it to be
Because somehow to this
So called ” Society “
She may seem a moron
But wait….
Her ambitions
Her self – respect
Are yet not gone .
She’s not just a doll,
To be played out
She’s a ” bloody ” human
To be thought about.
She can stand for herself
She can fight 
She’s not too weak,
To be abide.
And now
I shout it out loud ,
And listen quietly
I am a ” woman “,
And I am not a case of charity !

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