with a line from Samuel Adeyemi’s poem


Here comes another night;

One like the many that brings terror in shadows.

It has been 365 revolutions

Since my body learned collations

Or became a memoir of touches.


my teacher said, “water washes everything clean.”

I spend hours daily under the shower, 

Yet, unable to wash certain prints off me.


As the snake sheds its skin

So my dermis longs for a peel.


Again, I have failed at forgettingevery umbra & penumbra drags me into an eclipse of remembering.


I see darkness as an Arrow Lunched & being a victim of its piercing, the nights molt into fears.


My heart throbs as the sun begins to recede. I light prayers on my lips like cigarette saying:

‘Elohim, teach me to forget’

the way the skin learns to forget brokeness by concealing the screams of  red tissues.”

I hope God gathers the smoke from this burning lips into clouds of answers.

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