i know rain by Hang Nguyen

i know rain by Hang Nguyen

Beeeppp. … .. .

Ah- i do not wish to go     back,     not      anymore


Sorrowful as it seems,     the rain continues to pour

Even as the flower gather up,     even as the sky glooms


The rain is the first;     not the grey, nor the clouds

As it continues to be the first.           Until that day:


You see, That day, I notice the tint in the sky

And notice the clouds, and 

i so did not wish for the rain


But when i heard the voice     over the phone


I notice.     I left : for good     And as much as i wish to come back-


The rain is not the first no more.

That would mean:

I shall see the heaviness before the bloom

I shall see the expected before the unexpected

I shall see the change      in the sewage water

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