Illusion of Love

I just want to love someone

Who would love me just as much    

I don’t love someone

Someone doesn’t love me back


Slept alone at night, woke up just the same

I thought I dreamed of you

Not you specifically,

But it could be you



Then again,

You’re only alive in my dreams

I wake to you every night in them

Just to forget the other day


The feeling stays,

I can’t quite put my finger on it

Untill I’m asleep again

Everything makes sense then


But I keep on waking up each time

It’s an endless cycle

I know there’ll be a day

I’m not going wake up anymore


So here is a question:

Do people still dream when they’re dead?


If so, we’ll be together in the end

If not, at least you know I love you

Even though I don’t all the time.


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