In the open

I step out into the field again,

one more step after the last.

Chilly air is chewing briskly

words forgotten in the past.

Bodies lay around me, scattered,

getting bigger as I go.

It’s battlefield, but with no battle,

army dead without a foe.

Wind cries, crow with broken throat,

as death is quiet it is loud.

It presses into deadly necklace

air around me – thin and taut.

My eyes meet the eyes of corpses

as I wander down the field.

Something in them shines – I know them?

Knowledge of it leaves me chilled.

Then I realize, with the shudder

– eyes that watch me are my own.

Surrounded by me of past days

I face the new day all alone.

There’s not many of them left

I notice as my feet slow down.

Mist around me thins and flickers

on horizon – rises dawn.

I stop, at my feet lies a body,

last me, me of yesterday.

Its eyes look longingly at sunrise.

I move one foot forwards – into today.

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