In the Shadow of Your Arms

Raising the looking glass before her eye

she focused her vision beyond — across the sea,

having flown away so many years before,

believing it was the only way she would be free.


From behind a new day graced her with its light

and pushed her huddled shadow into a longed-for embrace.

Before she surrendered to its gifts of comfort and of warmth, a realization befell:

nothing had changed, she had just re-planted herself to some new place.


How misguided a notion she had come to believe,

always so gullible to the meandering feelings of her heart.

Scrutinizing an altered perspective through glass of rose

told her they existed, extravagant romantic tales and pristine new starts.


Reconciliation and reconnection conspired but never could agree.

And when the cradled arms stopped rocking, she pried open the grasp.

Never of good intention but to quell and innocent voice

it now let escape the secrets she had promised never to divulge of the past.


Enlightenment bloomed through her reflection

as the eclipse’s obscurity ebbed.

And on her face she felt the streams of hope.

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