You were ensorcelled by the devil,

Thirty silvers caused you to revel.

Was its shine too bright, to rouse your greed?

Was it too good, that you let him bleed? 


When you saw him chained, painted with red,

There in your heart, there’s something like dread.

You wept; but for whom were those tears for?

Was it for him? Or your heart that’s sore? 


When you’re at nadir, you heard a voice.

The whispered words, offers you a choice.

Hands of salvation stretched out for you,

You never doubted, if it was true. 


And in your vision, you found a tree.

The voice in your head seem trustworthy.

Telling you, the tree’s the only way,

To wash the terrible sin away. 


Poor Judas, doomed in the afterlife.

Do you regret what you did back then?

Was your faith faint, that it’s lost the strife?

Or was it even there to begin?


Never-ending troubles come our way,

And we are in constant disarray.

Is the deceitful devil to blame?

Or the pure desires we cannot tame? 

What are you looking for?