It was just a dream

The day I wish could come back, that night
That ephemeral time,
Where in that delusional world, I wish I could see Aurora again.
Vibrant colors, ecstatic view, and glimmer shooting stars, at the edge of the mountain I caught fireflies in the jar.
An arcane world it was, deserted yet peaceful,
From sluggish breeze to a stagnant whisper near my ear said-
“it’s just a dream”
I walked with hushed bare feet,
Embarking to catch those neon lights from above, with tipping toes and serein mind.
All that felt like ecstasy,
The sky filled with diamonds, glittering through vibrant rays.
I could feel the fresh air passing through my skin, from fingers rushing through my scalp,
To my eyes trying to decipher this unusual World.
But I knew it was just a dream.
Parallel behind me, a smooth unzipping of endeavors waterfall in silvers of white vapor trails.
I could tell it was spring,
By the way the flowers bloomed,
Even through the brittle cold night,
I felt watery crystals on the grass.
As time passes by through these years,
All I get is flashing memories,
Of that day, that day of my dream.

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