I’ve Already Been

I’ve already been

the orchid pollinated by deceit

the honest hibiscus      hiding her own beauty at nights

the wild passion fruit  offering her perfumed hands to passers by

the boiled pineapple peel that reduces the inflammation of your ego

the guava jam  self-preserved from you


I’ve already been

the imprisoned servant

a teacher who mispronounces the words she attempts to teach

a mother making mistakes to avoid the mistakes her own mother made

a translator of your emotions and a clerk archiving the reports of your failures

an unseen ghost wandering the poetry venues of this city


I’ve already been

the harden soil marked by all the boots going down Grand Canyon

the wind combing the bison’s fur in the Plains

the tree bark in the jungle hosting orchids and bromeliads

the sunset in the Caribbean resting on your skin

the moonrise in Los Angeles without you


I’ve already been

a two-inch long           yellow ant

a cockatoo standing on the edge of a balcony in Caracas

a ‘possum rejected for clinging too tight to the tree it climbed

a great blue heron with a broken wing after a tornado

a woman birthing herself into a trail

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