January 6, 1021/January 20, 2021

January 6, 2021(January 20, 2021)

(We Had Imagined/Had We Imagined a Different Country)

We can do this. Lift each other up. Behold the young poet laureate!

(We could have done this, lifted each other up – but now we’re recounting votes…)

Yes, we have our work ahead.

 (Now we have more work ahead. Sorry for the change in plans, Amanda Gordon!)

Our new leaders: can they guide us to another world?

(Our leaders are old, tired, out of touch – they are guiding us to the moon!)

A world of no more imperialism, no great hegemon beating down on us?

(Ha! Dream on, we don’t even have the power to try that …and we’re it!)

No tug-of-war between “Green New Deal socialists” and “bougie” bourgeois capitalists?

(We have more -ISMs now than we could have imagined … Countin’ Maricopa, Arizona)

No more -isms, just what is. Mmm? Just what is and is now is our chance.

(Jim Jordanism–Marjorie Taylor Greenism and beyond belief-otherworldly -ism – FAT chance!)

Defeated and weary as we are, perhaps we will not, need not go out and conquer and spread own ways

(Don’t worry, no one’s buying …)

 our own philosophy, our own “democracy” or brand of capitalism.

(We have lost our way … and call it what it is – neo-liberal capitalism – we lost our democracy!)

Perhaps we can let others go forward with just a promise

(Who? The children? The young Greta Thunbergs of the world? Force them to do our work for us?)

not to raise the terrible, but raise the wondrous ways to get along.

(They are not yet fighting our wars, so they already do get along. ..)

Perhaps more bombs can no longer serve this weakened empire.

(We imprison the whistleblowers who tell the truth about the drone/bombs– who are we kidding?)

Perhaps this is the time when tired and old, we can say.

(Even our children are tired and we are crabby and old …)

“We have been here and we served and survived.

(Big deal …so we survived … who invited you, anyway?)

Maybe we did not know the best way forward,

(We were clueless …)

but we are holding the light for you, opening the door

(Hope springs eternal)

and ushering in the new way, the new life.

(God knows they deserve a new course, a new path! We took them down a dead-end…)

We will not harm you, we will not alarm you, or frighten or scare you, we will not

(Bullshit! We already hurt them! Brrrr. Global warming …)

(Who’s coopted that technique of scaring others? We are even more frightened and afraid to tell them!)

steal you or your people or your land. We will not

(Well, we’re finally admitting that we stole their land and we traded in human life!)

force you to leave your homes. We will open

(We forced them out of their homes already and we won’t let them in at the border!)

the door to show you the way forth. We wounded your world.

(We killed our planet! We destroyed our earth!)

Now we will help you raise your wounded world. We will not stand in your way.

(Geez, Mom, get the F out of the way, please!)

We will be there to cheer you on, to lift you and guide you when you ask,

(Sorry, but did anyone ask?)

when you want, when you must, when you will.

(So we make them pay now?)

We have served. And survived. Now, this new world is yours. It is you.

(It’s yours, too! Till the bitter end! Thanks, for nothing, motherfuckers!)

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