Jet Black Crow Feather

How would I be able to dark blue pillow case?
I don’t know where this clinched jaw came from today.
Something is eye rolling with this whole talking through screens.
Communicating…we have to have softest hoodie times.
Me, myself and Aviation Nation.

Did everyone slow down because those looked like four bomber planes flying over the five lanes of concrete yesterday afternoon?
I love driving my little broken door handle on the inside.
No time for exercise or even a rinse in the pink tiled.
At mom’s.

Time for a new adventure in a pot still!
Are you ready?
I am. I am clung on to with claws of zombies, sticky ancient alien connectors.
And freeing myself to get back to the jet black crow feather again.

“When you’re a jet…” black leather jacket and a look in the mirror. “I won’t let you down.” The shiny black bird cocked left eye pointing reminder.

The expression of the liquid is clean and smooth, with subtle reminders of sweetness from the hot strokes that are warming up this place.
It doesn’t burn your 6,000 flavonoid receptors.

What are you looking for?