Joy without Suffering

Joy without Suffering
by Monica Stella

Your tears flowed down from those doubtful eyes
Looks like a dark cloud
Produces heavy rain that has fallen from the sky to the earth
Silence doesn’t calm the storm in my heart
Like a storm and the roar of the sea tossing and turning
Boat in the wide ocean

A thousand years is not enough
When you are afraid to start a journey
Hope for a journey of joy without suffering
Walking down the aisle of life
I am amazed at the beauty of the light of God’s way
The end of the light of joy
Like the flow of a happy river
The fountain of life
Radiate the light of eternal joy
Until the end we come back we win

The heart of a lost wanderer wants a shortcut
Without suffering until the happy ending
Pushing step onto the path of the unhappy dark world
Fear controls the soul
See the prison of eternal darkness tormenting the souls of the heretics
Step back, don’t want to be imprisoned
Back at the start of the journey
Watching young people laugh
Want to enter the hallway of life
Like a treasure chest buried deep in immeasurable ground
The truth is hidden in the traveler’s heart
Stuck in chains of fear
Lock mouth without making a sound
Standing looking at the crowd
Will perish tormented into the dark road of the world
Waking up from a dream
Sitting Wailing
I see a rainbow comes after the rain
Realize there is no joy without suffering

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