Justice for Women

She was looked down upon

Called names

And was judged by society,

Seen as ‘immoral’

Undesciplined & a disgrace


Amidst all that,

She kept quiet and

ignored them

She could still feel

his filthy hands on her

Printed like ugly tatoos.


She didn’t have much choice

And couldn’t bring herself to kill it

So she kept it

And it grew until it was prominent

That’s when the bullying started.


Living in a rural place,

She knew that no one would be on her side

So she feared telling someone

She had to endure seeing his ugly face everyday.


She had to carry the baby,

She never planned to have

She just wanted to study and become independant

She had dreams and goals

Just like every child


But her innocence was taken away from her

Her childhood was forcefully

taken way from her

Her dignity crushed

And dreams pulled back

She fell in a pool of pain

And misery


And she had to endure all that

Just because someone couldn’t control himself?

Where’s humanity?

Women’s voices should be heard!



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