Killing Time at Ozone Falls

We bring time here with us

When we crawl from the car

At the trailhead, we tie its limbs

Blindfold it—so it can’t tick

Gag it—so it can’t tock

We tow time past

Moss smothered boulders

Lichen licked persimmon and hickory

They glour at time

That unfamiliar thing

With forlorn expressions

As we pull it through

Bewildered wilderness

Toward higher climes, we climb

We make time

Skid across water-carved rocks

Until we crest the summit

Where a cliff face produces a deluge

From some source, I do not know

Spits into a trembling basin

We say to time

“You have no meaning here, no throne

You are an enigma

Unknown, anomalous

This poison ivy pays you no mind

Nor do kudzu, shale, squirrel, crow

To them you are nothing

Here you weigh less than a moment

To us, you are no more”

With a one-two-heave

We no longer have the time

Mosquitos bask with us when

We become blue-tailed skinks

Baking beneath the salamander sun;

Somewhere in the pool below

Time slowly passes

What are you looking for?