Laughter In This Minor Eden (Echo)

there’s a jackal in the garden
all g
olden with laughter
showing its teeth at
having gotten in

in spite of the dog
who’s the size of a mountain
charged with protecting
the trees in this minor eden

the laughter leaks from
the matted pelt from
the working eye that weeps
at how much it took to get here

a single golden jackal echoing
through this endless garden
that continually gives
                                   as if
                                   kissing the earth

            as if
            a newly empty mother

while charged with standing watch
this untied dog bears witness
his fur so beautiful he blends in

            noticed only if he sighs or
            howls at the moon of what
            could have been

the jackal has walked for months
has crossed sands that nipped
at every step               through lands
of sticky black earth licking at her
every chance they had

             finally             after seasons of struggle
             of seeing through a single working eye
             of carrying
a world within

the jackal coughs out her treasure
& breathes the scent of new life
as she becomes an echo

the watchdog tilts his head on high
sighing long for the eventual problem
& takes the pup by the scruff
licking it clean & cradling it warm
as minor eden rings with golden laughter

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