When I spoke those words to you

Who could have predicted the result?

I felt the energy flow through my belly

To my heart and to my throat

I felt it change my body and soul

In a way that’s hard to explain

All I can say is that something shifted

And I am no longer the same


Processing trauma is a bit like doing art

You don’t always know where it’s going

You kind of just have to start

So I started the process of healing

When I spoke those words to you

I know you didn’t understand it

But it really wasn’t about you


I needed to raise my voice

Because trauma taught me to be quiet

It tricked me into giving away my power

But now I know my needs matter

So regardless of what anyone thinks

I can say what I want and need

I do not need your permission

Because my power begins with me


I’m so happy I went through this process

I let go of so much for peace

I now speak in Strength and Humility

And I stand in Truth and Grace

Where you stand is up to you

I’m happy all the same

I only wish you well

And that you’d walk away from your living hell

What are you looking for?