Life is a game, let us play

Whether it is night or a sunny day

A player has to play, until he calls it a day.


Life is a teacher, it teaches us so many things

Oh beloved look beyond your sufferings

Don’t keep yourself gloomy and think of the hovering.


Life is brisk, so do take all the risk

Read, play, earn and do good before the angel whisk

Never bother about the people who sit and fisk.


Life is an art and we are the artist

Decorate your life with delightful designs having lots of turns and twist

Enjoy every hour and moment like a harpist.


Life is beautiful, look around

The sky, the earth, the moon and the stars look profound

Listen to the beauty of birds chirping, the flowing of water with a lovely sound.


Life is a challenge accept it

Do not to the pressures you submit

Explore all the options before you quit.


Life is like a book

Fill all the pages with colourful look

Let there be no blank, dryness or vacuum in any nook.

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