life jacket

  what do we say of faith?      sometimes, a priest              tonguing our buried fears

to life; a friend digging the graves of our demons.  how do birth pangs

  of hope & its                 miscarriages travel home,   through the wings of the     wind? 

how do we bear tags inscribed by history?          or live myths strapped around our ankles?

they say when a thing evolves, its world evolves too. will fishes dive to the shores to catch a glimpse of sun?

the water gathered into flood; a path awaiting rain got washed off — may joy come in sips our levee can hold.

they say a thing without a name cannot cause pain, but there is a nameless thing eating my soul to crumbs;                             

fisting the layers of my heart to pulp. the walls  are growing 






all i see is heaven,                 i aim for it but the sky is falling as rain. i could drown in what has tried to siphon happiness but i choose to weave hope into a life jacket.

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