Living Like Animals

”Year 2023 saw a revolution. The World Environment Organisation (WEO) started a discussion with ants who represented all animals underground. They signed a deal ‘The Green Migration’, per which humans would shift underground in phases (a rather radical and experimental move the People Review had observed back then). The migration has completed its first leg.”

Four legged creatures are living in burrowed bulbs measuring days by a cock’s crow (old habits). Ants continued to build troughs but deeper for these inhabitants. The wind always howls now, visiting places it had never seen, reaching the waterfall in one gusty whooshing like a swimmer pushing against his legs against the pool barrier for one great lap. The ants didn’t tell the fish about the treaty. Everyone knew they gossiped and were always paranoid, but they could see evolution tiptoeing with socks on its feet, warm hands cradling a cooing autumn and a mouth full of sweet promises. For a while now, old ships didn’t spill oil as they wobbled incautious through crystal waters. To the jellyfish, it seemed Gaea had cast a net and baited the huge polyethylene monster to free the ocean of its tentacles. The sharks didn’t see or eat plastic anymore. They swam smiling and forgot how to bite. Whales were the first to recognize the new mammal species moving in communities in the deeper blues near neon corals and categorized them as Coral Frogs. The new breed, they discussed, had a single gill in their face, split long fins that sent waves when splashed to communicate (this theory was presented by a dolphin named Dolfy) and migrated to land in their breeding season. Outside, tigers didn’t see their regular hunters and lived long enough to see cubs of their cubs. Someone saw monsoon dancing near the old waterhole with peacocks, but who told everyone?
Must be that old school fish!

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