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<span;>Lover …….
<span;>My heart is in danger.
<span;>How dangerous is that?
<span;>When thrown onto the ground,
<span;>There will be great earthquakes.
<span;>When thrown into the air,
<span;>The fire will burn brightly.
<span;>When thrown into the water,
<span;>The waves of the great sea will roar.
<span;>That can destroy this world.
<span;>It is a very dangerous heart.
<span;>Therefore my love,
<span;>In the water, In the air, On the ground
<span;>From nowhere for my heart cannot rest. You do not respond to me with love,
<span;>Let it be.
<span;>But not to destroy this world,
<span;>You are a citizen of the world
<span;>In responsibility to maintain it.
<span;>A last resort for my heart,
<span;>Only one place left.
<span;>Put my heart in your bosom
<span;>So that the world may not be ruined.
<span;>Hold on tight!

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