all the joy to you
There is violence in me.
All kindness to you,
All the best to me.
You take my life
I’ll take your pain,
Good health to you,
All sickness to me.
All the best to you
Let me have all the love,
Curry bloodshed for you,
Mercy to me.
Enjoy this world,
Give me your torment,
Peace be upon you
All the sickness to me.
Take your own,
Leave me the tavern,
All the best to you,
All humor to me.
Good day to you,
Good night to me,
All the best to you,
There is a thorny to me
You take the kingdom,
If I am a slave,
There is suffering for you,
There is loyalty to me.
Well, if I sleep on your doorstep,
Well, chase the stone,
I’m sorry for you,
I have a heart attack.

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